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I got a review that said I constantly ask for reviews on my book. They seemed annoyed and they’re 100% right. I do ask for reviews, sometimes I beg.

About once a month I post to my social media asking anyone who has read my book to head on over to Amazon and leave a review. The truth is, I freaking hate it. I hate begging people to buy the book or review it. It seems so vain and pushy. It’s awkward and I’m uncomfortable every single time I post about it.

But, it’s my business, my company, my job.

If I were a realtor I’d post the houses I had for sale.
If I were a boutique owner I’d post the clothes I had in my shop.
If I were an apartment locator I’d share the great deals I had on apartments.
If I were a photographer I’d post my latest shoot and let you know about the upcoming openings I had.

But I’m a writer.
I write blog posts.
I wrote a book.
It’s my business.
It’s my job to promote by business.
It’s what I do for a living.
And it seems self serving since it’s a book about my life, but that’s what I write about and that’s what I now have to promote.

What a weird career choice, to walk around completely exposed and basically ask people to grade you, pick you apart, tell you what they honestly think about everything you have set down for others to pick up. Who in their right mind would willing walk into this?  I did, and now I face what I’ve set myself up for.

So, I’ll continue to run my business the best I can. I’ll keep on asking you to help me grow my business. I’ll try to keep you as a customer. I’ll do my best to write about things that help you grow or make you think in a new light.

I’ll keep annoying you with posts with links to the book and ridiculous pictures of me and my kids at Barnes and Noble. This is a weird business to be in, I didn’t expect it. It can be extremely uncomfortable and soul crushing when someone rejects you or is negative about your craft. It kind of sucks. If I was selling a product that someone else made and you didn’t like it then no harm no foul, it wouldn’t hurt as bad since I didn’t actually make the product, But I made this product that I sell, I’m the creator, so when someone doesn’t like it, it’s extremely personal.

It can also be totally amazing. It so fulfilling when I get an inbox message from someone who is grateful to know they don’t struggle alone or someone who just needs listening ear. That’s my favorite. It uplifting when someone praises your work and compliments you on job well done. When you like my product, the one I made with my very own hands, it’s the best feeling and makes me want to make more. This is my craft, so when someone loves it, it’s extremely personal.

I’ll take the highs with the lows. I’ll take the negative with the positive. I’ll give myself grace when the bad pours in and soak it up when the good is in abundance. I’ll take it all to heart and try to do better the next time around. Until then, I’ll continue to annoy the crap out of you..
It’s my job.

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