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I love Jesus…. but this mouth!

It was recently suggested that I be careful with my social media because my posts aren’t very Christian like and they conflict with my book.
I believe they meant my posts aren’t very Christ like because being “Christian like” is probably a lot more messy than any of my posts.

Being a Christian doesn’t make things all wrapped up in a pretty bow.
Being a Christian doesn’t mean we are without fault and always act right.
Being a Christian doesn’t mean we pretend to be perfect and hide all of our flaws.

Being a Christian means we believe in Jesus and what he did for us.

Being a Christian means we love others the way Jesus loves us.
Being a Christian means we do our very best, every day, to give the kind of grace Jesus gives us.
Being a Christian means we forgive the way Jesus forgives us.

Being a Christian means we love without boundaries, restrictions, social norms or social acceptances.

If I’m being judged on my Christianity by posts on social media than I will for sure fail over and over again.

But let me promise you this;
I’m the same person on Friday night that I am on Sunday mornings. What you see is what you get with me and I will not pretend to be anything other than who I am.
Watching people pretend to have it all together and be without struggles is what kept me from the church for most of my life. Church talk that I couldn’t translate into a language I could actually understand and process is what kept me outside the walls of the church. Christians who were one way at church and another at home made me think none of it was real. Because of that I was lost and scared, unsaved and without Jesus kind of love.
I needed someone to be real and honest with me. I needed someone to be full of flaws but have a heart that was chasing Jesus. I needed authenticity.
I needed the fool who posted nonsense on social media but loved others the way God loved them.

So that’s who I am.
I’m a mess.
I like a good cold beer on the nights my husband and I leave the kids to fend for themselves and have a date night together.
I like to dance to inappropriate rap music as loud as I can when I’m alone in the car.
I accidentally (maybe on purpose) cuss more than I should.
Just yesterday I told a woman she should bail on her church because the church was too religious and forgot that it’s all about Jesus.

I’m as flawed as they come.


But then Jesus.
I love Jesus more than anything else in my life.
I’m willing to leave my husband and children to follow Him.
I choose to forgive everyone of everything because I know everything that Jesus has forgiven me for doing.
I’ll give grace out like beaded necklaces during Mardi Gras.

I won’t apologize for being real on social media.
I won’t apologize for having a semi foul mouth or a palate that loves cold brews.
I won’t apologize for being a mess or “not Christian like”.

But I will love the hell out you. I’ll tell you all about my sweet Jesus and what he did for us. I’ll hold your hand in church, wipe your tears with my clean (shaken hard and put in the dryer for 5 minutes) shirt, feed you when you’re hungry, pour you a beer if you need one, kiss your check when you feel unloved,  and cover you with grace when you feel unworthy.

If you’re judging me on anything other than my love for Jesus and how I treat others…you’re doing it wrong.
But know this, my arms are wide open to you. I have plenty of love in my heart for you. I can’t change who I am to accommodate the world but I can do my very best to be who God made me to be while loving the world the best way that I can and praying that it reflects the kind of love that Jesus has for you.

I may stink at being a Christian but I’m really good at loving the way Jesus loves. I may stink at being a Christian but I’m great at being me all the time no matter who is looking and not pretending to be anything else.


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If you want to know what Jesus does for the broken and the lost, and how he can turn the biggest messes into immense beauty, read this The Con Man’s Daughter.

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