About Me

About Me

I’m a mama to 4 incredibly unique girls and 1 super spunky little boy. In 2015 we welcomed my teenage sister into our home as one of our own. I’m married to a country boy with the patience of Mother Teresa. His humor and kindness are what make my heart fly out of my chest. I caved to my kids begging and recently adopted a dog only because he’s old, lazy, and doesn’t care about much. I think he might be my spiritual animal.

My life goal was to become a police officer and have 6 sons. You can see how that all worked out for me. Even though my plan for my life isn’t what God had mapped out, I’ve never been more thankful for things not going according to my plan.

Instead of the police academy, I ended up in the restaurant business for 20 years. My husband and I met while managing a restaurant together. After marriage, family and spiritual struggles, I finally surrendered to what I wanted to do instead of what I felt I had to do. I gave up the green beans and gravy life and started writing.

In 2014 I I wrote An Open Letter To My Daughter’s Stepmom and it landed us on The Today Show and Good Morning America. That single moment of me hitting publish on something I had written opened up some amazing opportunities for me and my family and gave me the opportunity to tell my story.

You can find my writing on The Huffington Post where I’ve had several articles featured, as well as on For Every Mom and Alamo City Moms Blog, where I am a contributor.

I’ve written my first book (cue the horns), titled The Con Man’s Daughter, and it comes out in May of 2017. My prayer in openly sharing my life story is that it will show someone else how beautiful redemption can be. Yes, my father was a con man and you’ll have to read the book to get the whole story.

The gift of freedom wrapped in forgiveness is one of my favorite things to talk about. And I consider it a privilege to be a mom to a special needs child.

My friends would say I have the ability to insert humor into every situation…but they would probably also say it doesn’t always come at the most appropriate time. The first time I spoke to a MOPS group they sent out a mass email warning the moms that I was the guest speaker…it was my own church! Everyone made it out alive and they’ve even asked me back.

I know that seasons come and go and while I love the season that I’m in, I really hope my future seasons bring me more grandbabies than I can count, amazing nights sitting by the fire with my husband, and many summer days knee deep in a Texas river.

Oh, and I also want to be in a Lifetime movie at some point. It’s gotta be one of those super crazy ones where the cat becomes possessed, steals the baby, and runs off to join a cult then I have to somehow find them, rescue my baby and cast out the cat demons. If you’re reading this, Lifetime Movie Network people, call me!